recap of Draw By Night #32: GAME OVER

What an amazing event to end the year on. More people came to this event than any other in the history of Draw By Night. I do think it had a lot to do with our special game designer guests. The theme of the night was Haunted Video Games and we had a few indie game designers present their games to the DBN crowd. We had the following games presented throughout the night:

  • Strange Eden: a fast-paced 3D platformer that takes place in a mysterious city in the sky. Players take control of Ida Dumont, the inventor of the world’s first magnetic flying machine. She must skillfully swap her suit’s polarity to slide or bounce off of various surfaces in order to reach the crashed ship at the top of the city and find her missing husband, August.
  • String Theory: a 3rd person adventure game where you play as ‘Patches’ a surly repairman who must save his people from destruction by sewing up tears in the very fabric of the world itself.
  • Sweet Escape: a 3rd person action/puzzle game where you play as a crane operator trying to guide a swarm of living candy through a dangerous vending machine
  • Inkling: Failure is just the beginning –  Inkling is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer where players control two failed experiments, Eli and Elli. Elli can create gravity defying platforms that Eli can use to navigate the world by launching himself at high speeds. Players must use this ability to help the two inky experiments escape their creator’s castle while avoiding many hazardous obstacles.
  • Saturday Pirate Night:The Sea Road Party!  Saturday Pirate Night is a 2.5D side-scrolling shooting game where you can blast your sea enemies, perform cool stunts moves, and sail crossing 3 unique levels while listen to Rock/Disco songs.

Thanks so much everyone for coming and making this such a great party and great event. It’s so great to see so many new faces alongside the dedicated few who have been to so many of these parties. I hope everyone has a great end to their year and I hope to see you at the next party.
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Draw By Night bugs-out at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

For the third straight year, Draw by Night has participated in the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Like other years, Maker Faire rounds up geeks of all genres from robotics, to 3D printers to craft-makers and DIY builders. Now hosted at the PNE Forum, this event has really established itself as an inspiring unique event for all ages.

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Draw By Night #29 : Memory Theatre

Draw By Night 29 — Memory Theatre Poster

The title of this Draw By Night party seems so very fitting: Memory Theatre — for what I saw shall be burned into my mind forever. And it’s a good burn. The work of Cian Donnelly is rich with nightmare and ghoulish lyricism, which was revealed in full living colour at our last party. The theme was based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of a “Theatre of Memory.” Throughout the evening the 80+ participants wrote and drew responding to the notion of Memory Theatre while watching Banjorstring (Cian Donnelly’s alter ego) dance and sing in front of us. The following is the recorded live feed direct from Donnelly’s studio in Rome, Italy.
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Making Something Ugly at FITC

I was fortunate enough to be invited back to FITC in Toronto this past week. FITC (Future Innovation Technology Creativity) is my favourite design conference, and they delivered in a big way this year. Now in its 12th year, this conference serves designers and artists of all types.

My talk stemed from a course I teach here in the Digital Design program called Experimental Practices. This course happens in the second half of the program. The premise is, now that you’ve learned the tools, here is a relaxed environment to experiment in and put those tools into practice. There are a series of exercises to get students going with the hope that it instills in them a way to maintain their own personal practice along side of their client-based work.

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