Draw By Night #28 : The Profound Squonzeling

Draw By Night #28 Poster

All right, I know what you’re all thinking…WTF is a Squonzeling? And why, dear sirs and madams, is it so very profound? — The answer? I have no idea. But I know who does: Animator, Illustrator and all around Pencil-Swordsmith-Wizard James Braithwaite.

James was invited to theme and make the poster for our 28th Draw By Night party, entitled The Profound Squonzeling. The man, or at least the virtual face of the man, joined us via Skype from his studio in Montreal as we drew fictional medical diagrams and fantastical anatomy charts, which could tie in loosely with James’ short animated film, Persistent Infection (in production).

In no way were these drawings meant to be anatomically accurate. In fact, we used our imagination engines to dream up new insides to our bodies. Sounds fun, right??
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DRAW BY NIGHT #27 : Myth Math (Jan ’13) Review

man-or-math-myth drawing

What a great way to start the year off. For our first party of 2013, we had over 80 people show up to draw with us. Lots of new faces which was really great to see. Apparently, a lot of us love math! Or Myth-Math anyways… Throughout the night, DBNers created ghastly deserts, sad bananas doing the splits and sick donuts that barfed up icing. Gross… and wonderful. Check out the photos below to get a sense of just how sick and twisted a DBNer is. This is why I love everyone of you.

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DRAW BY NIGHT #26 : Ultra Violent (Oct ’12) Review

DBN Poster image by Kristina Fiedrich

With the nights getting darker faster and Halloween night looming, a bunch of us DBNers got together and drew scary pictures while watching Ghostbusters 2 and Shawn of The Dead and listening to The Killer Apps, who made a surprise appearance.

Vancouver visual artist, Kristina Fiedrich was kind enough to set the stage with her horrifically beautiful drawing for the Draw By Night poster. Seriously, this has to be my favorite poster to date. You can see more of her work here.
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Draw By Night #26 : UltraViolent — Tuesday Oct 30 at VFS Cafe

Kristina Fiedrich did the poster for the latest Draw By Night event: UltraViolent. Her beautiful work sets the stage for this Halloween-themed edition of the popular drawing party. It has been heralded thusly: “The nights are getting darker, and so are our minds.”

Come join the search through the “murky recesses” of the mind to find some of your own beautiful monsters.

Draw By Night : UltraViolent happens Tuesday, Oct 30 at the VFS Cafe, from 6-8 pm, thanks to VFS Senior Instructor Myron Campbell.

DRAW BY NIGHT #24 – Sandwiches + Pain (Sept ’12)

Poster for Draw by Night 24: Sandwiches and Pain

Our next Draw By Night party will open a drawing portal to Montreal, where guest curator, James Patterson (PRESSTUBE) will scribble away with a group of pencil practitioners, while we all draw horrific sandwiches. Sounds fun, right??

This event is free and open to the public! Like always, come armed with your favourite drawing utensil, or just bring your bad self and you can use our stuff: We will provide materials (and sandwiches) for your inspiration. See you there!