Drawing on Bikes – Draw By Night #19 – Whoa! Nellie

Winter is coming and our next party celebrates the cold-weather bike commuter. Even if you don’t ride, please join us as we create bicycle-inspired drawings and also enter for your chance to win a (drawn-on) Linus Dutchi bike donated by Christopher Quine of Whoa! Nellie Bikes. Chris and VFS Instructor, Myron Campbell, will both partake in “warming up” the bike on the night of the event.

Raffle tickets are $5 and $10 if you are a member of Western Front, one of Canada’s first artist-run centres. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Western Front.

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DBN Draws a Crowd

I’m going to start this post off by saying’¦Wow. Within 20 minutes we had 60 people attend our 18th party and I stopped counting at 80. This was the most successful party to date with many old and new faces. I met a biologist, producer, concept artist, writer and a whole lot of people that love to draw. Beyond being a fun place to come and put pen to paper, it’s such a great networking event for VFS students to meet students in other programs along with people of industry. It was a great turn-out and a huge success.

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Draw By Night #17 at Maker Faire

The Vancouver Maker Faire was host to the 17th Draw By Night party. The Maker Faire was a two-day celebration of making and creating so we DBNers felt right at home. It was an all-ages family festival promoting the ethos of DIY on a large scale attracting hackers, drawers, inventors, craft-makers and many others.

DBN was fortunate enough to have a space in the middle of the Faire with its signature sheets of paper stretched across 4 long tables. The theme was “The Uncollectables” where participants would draw misfit toys and robots that have been long forgotten or escaped attics, warehouses and old toy stores.

We had hundreds of people pass by the event along with many Digital Design students taking part and drawing on real toys. The whole Faire, organized in part by alumna Emily Smith, was a huge success and we can’t wait till next year!

Seeding Ideas in Berlin – Part 2

I just recently attended the conference, Typo Berlin, to recharge my creative batteries. It’s always amazing what you can absorb and learn in a few days at a conference, it’s as if the act of sitting and really listening allows the information to infiltrate and sink in.

Typo Berlin's Incredible on-site bookstore

The theme of the conference is “shift”, and most of the speakers are weaving this notion through their presentations. From shifting in media, to print segueing tablet, to shifting disciplines, each story is interesting and can be thought about when it comes to my own or our own situations. The conference organizers will shortly have podcasts available of the main hall speakers, they are available to view at http://www.typoberlin.de/video. I won’t go into detail about what each of them spoke about, but rather I will give you my top inspirations.

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