Recap of Draw By Night #44: Monster Make-Over

On March 9th, VFS hosted the 44th Draw By Night event. The theme of the drawing party was Monster Make-over. It was meant to celebrate monsters of all types. Student Services once again provided art supplies, snacks and games for the party. At the end of the evening, the participants created an inspiring collection of wonderful drawings of monsters. See you at the next Draw By Night!

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recap of Draw By Night #42: DOMINIONS

On November 5th, VFS hosted Draw By Night #42:  DOMINIONS. The theme for this free event inspired a cuteness overload of drawings: It was Minion Madness! Along with guests from the general public, we saw students from Digital Design, Programming, and Makeup take part. As per custom, snacks and art supplies were provided. It was fun to see all the different interpretations of the Minion characters. See you at the next Draw By Night!

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recap of Draw By Night #41

On July 22nd, VFS hosted Draw By Night #41: Simulator Sickness. The event marked the return of Myron Campbell, DBN founder, for one evening, and featured live drawing by artist Mike Pelletier via his studio in Amsterdam. The theme for the drawing party was intended to inspire free and uninhibited drawings which included fun images that were so ugly that it made one dizzy, nauseous and queasy! As with most DBN themes, the results were surprising and actually beautiful! See you at the next Draw By Night!

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My Future Career As An Interactive Designer

crayons picture

I have been interested in design since I was a child. I still remember when I picked up a bunch of colored crayons and drew lots of images on the white wall of my mom’s home. Even though she grounded me, I’ve never been discouraged to keep drawing and I keep looking for inspiration.

I majored in Advertising and I worked for some agencies in Brazil, always in the art direction field. My last position in Brazil was as Art Director for a “Guerrilla Marketing” company. I had always worked in print media, but when I worked at the Guerrilla Marketing agency I had some interesting tasks, not related to print media — like, designing custom Facebook and Twitter pages, and also doing online campaigns. That was when I realized that I would love to work with interactive media.

Technology has always fascinated me and I realzied that it would be great to join my two passions: design and technology. That’s why I came to VFS: to learn more about Interactive Media — not only the design part, but also the user experience and information architecture side of it. I am really excited about the classes (I am learning a lot) and the prospect of working in the field that I love.