Alumni Success Story : Dario Meli

Dario Meli, co-founder of hootsuite & memelabs and co-CEO of Invoke Media

We recently caught up with Dario Meli to hear the story of his success post-VFS. Dario is the co-founder of Hootsuite and Memelabs, as well as the co-CEO of Invoke Media, co-developer of the Eat St. app, and an advisory board member of several startups operating in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

When asked about the Digital Design program Dario says, “What really attracted me to the VFS Digital Design Program was the depth of knowledge and the generality of it. I knew that it would teach me a little of everything, and it would allow me to figure out what I really loved about this new world, which at the time I attended [1997-98] was very cutting edge. VFS was probably one of the only facilities of its kind in the world. ”

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