The War of the Technology Giants

The war of the technology giants is back on. Sony may have just released an iPhone killer for all the amateur and pro photographers who have been looking for a companion to the SLR system. The new Sony QX100 & QX10 are designed to be companions for the poor grade glass and image sensors found in most cell phones. With Google and Apple as the kings of the mobile platform world with their IOS and Android devices, many competitors have been forced to find niches or been completely driven to the verge of extinction. For years Nokia and Blackberry have been trying to find their new niche / unique selling proposition as their market share shrunk. In recent years Nokia were targeting camera users, and over the weekend Nokia were acquired by Microsoft for 5 billion dollars. Many feel this filled two holes within Microsoft. I game them a feature rich phone system to push their windows mobile platform, and will help them fill some leadership roles with Balmer moving on later this year.

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Inspired by Mindfulness Meditation

Google's Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation isn’t just closing one’s eyes and relaxing, as so many think; it actually takes an uncommon level of focus and concentration. With mindfulness meditation, we give ourselves a break from the complexity and almost pathological business of modern life and of modern being, and we get to see our emotions and thoughts as they occur, or at least from a perspective closer to their root causes.

The truth is that cultivating “awareness” is a skill like any other, and the more you do it, the more readily you can summon it when you really need to (stressful situations, moments of confusion, anger or frustration). Through a meditation practice, we can see just how relentlessly “noisy” the mind can be, and just how habitually our fleeting thoughts skip from one subject to the next.
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Dark Igloo’s Google Building Mural Illustrates Chelsea’s Rich Cultural History

Dark Igloo Google Building Mural 1

VFS Digital Design Alumnus Mark Miller and his Dark Igloo partner Dave Franzese have had a busy spring so far, what with their branding for the 2012 Bonnaroo and Googamooga festivals, but this one has got to of been a lot of fun. They did the illustrations for a 450-foot-long vinyl mural attached to scaffolding that wraps around Google’s New York headquarters at 111 Eighth Avenue.

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Peter Jin Hong: Graduate Gives Back

Digital Design alum and Advisory Board Member, Peter Jin Hong, graced our halls in December. He spent a week inspiring us and giving back to the VFS community. In this wide-ranging interview, Peter provides his definition of ‘user experience’ and talks about what it’s been like to work with the teams at Google+ Photos and

Read more about Peter’s visit in his recent Oomph post!


My Artist In Residence Visit by Peter Hong

the journey of UX continues’¦ or momentarily re-thinking child labor laws.

30 minutes ago—whoa

you know, writing this blog post was a lot harder than i thought it would be.

the time with the students and staff at VFS last december, reaffirmed that extraordinary people, ideas and dreams go through that place.

how does one encompass and express all profoundly the good people and experiences that happened during that brief week? or all the events that have happened afterwards?  there are just too many people i want to thank, thoughts and stories that i want to share.

thank you

let’s begin with that:

“thank you.  meeting you, getting to know you—witnessing how you craft utter delight—made me see thing differently, and for the better”

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