World IA Day

(guest post by Raji Keluskar and Michelle Kang)

World IA (Information Architecture) Day is an annual event that is held in over 50 cities in 29 countries and is held on the third Saturday of every February. The theme of the event this year was “Information Strategy and Structure,” and it was held at the VFS Digital Design campus in Vancouver. A number of students from the VFS Digital Design program volunteered to help out with the event and participating as student speakers. As students, we were looking forward to meeting the industry experts across different specialties, including the feature speakers such as Marianne Sweeny, Lorraine Chisholm, Melissa Breker, Hannah Wei, Robin Rozhon, Alan Etkin, and Karyn Zuidinga.

The Digital Design students who participated as speakers for the Lightning Talks were Gianna, Julian, Marly, Michelle, Raji, and Suzy. The Lightning Talks, a segment of the conference that features local community members who have managed to create synergy with unique and successful strategies in context of IA (Information Architecture) and UX (User Experience), was a chance for us to introduce ourselves to industry and talk about how, as students, we perceive IA. At first, we were nervous from the thought of having to talk about a subject that is still relatively new to us in front of an audience who we believed to be more knowledgeable about it. Thankfully, regardless of their status in the industry, the experts were curious to know the mindset of the upcoming talent. As we presented, we were glad to hear that they were more than happy to discover how each of us defined IA and our plans on catering to the users’ needs by integrating the practices of UX and IA.

Envisioning our futures in the field of interactive design and with Vancouver being the hub of it, World IA Day, with 107 attendees, was a great platform to start networking. We would like to thank the event organisers, Krispian Emert, Jessica Dill, and VFS Digital Design, for including us and giving us this rare opportunity to be part of such a great professional community. Thank you!


My Future Career As An Interactive Designer

crayons picture

I have been interested in design since I was a child. I still remember when I picked up a bunch of colored crayons and drew lots of images on the white wall of my mom’s home. Even though she grounded me, I’ve never been discouraged to keep drawing and I keep looking for inspiration.

I majored in Advertising and I worked for some agencies in Brazil, always in the art direction field. My last position in Brazil was as Art Director for a “Guerrilla Marketing” company. I had always worked in print media, but when I worked at the Guerrilla Marketing agency I had some interesting tasks, not related to print media — like, designing custom Facebook and Twitter pages, and also doing online campaigns. That was when I realized that I would love to work with interactive media.

Technology has always fascinated me and I realzied that it would be great to join my two passions: design and technology. That’s why I came to VFS: to learn more about Interactive Media — not only the design part, but also the user experience and information architecture side of it. I am really excited about the classes (I am learning a lot) and the prospect of working in the field that I love.