Kevin Russ : Traveling Photographer

video still of kevin russ

As a person who likes photography, I generally hate Instagram, but after watching a short documentary on photographer Kevin Russ, I was blown away.

Kevin Russ has been driving across America taking some incredible photographs with just his iPhone. It really goes to show that it’s not always about the equipment, but rather, the photographer.

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Digital Design Welcomes New Instructor Zach Bulick

Hello My Name Is Zach Bulick

VFS Digital Design is pleased to welcome our new instructor Zach Bulick.

Zach Bulick is a Canadian Texan hybrid working in design and illustration in Vancouver, BC. He loves people, problem solving, type, and terrariums. He still gets blown away by the internet and people. When he’s not making things or being curious, you can probably find him restoring furniture, posting photos to instagram, or eating tacos. He claims it’s usually the last one. But seeing as his Instagram account has nearly 107,000 followers (!), we suspect he does a fair share of posting too ;-)

Currently, Zach is the House Designer at Union Gospel Mission, and also works some freelance — we’re happy to announce that he’s teaching Typography here at Digital Design.