Interactive Inspiration

When I’m looking for interactive design inspiration, I frequently find myself visiting one particular site. The Creative Applications Network is a blog with daily posts showcasing innovative and often experimental applications developed for the web, desktop, and mobile spaces. Some of the projects integrate physical objects or immerse installations. Many of the applications are developed in Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, or other open source or commercial packages that make it relatively easy for designers to get started with creative coding. A lot of the content is of a more exploratory and experimental nature.

The site also features reviews of books and info about events relating to the field. Two books that I first encountered on the site and have found to be of value are Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture and Matt Pearson’s Generative Art. The former is a visual survey of the history and techniques using code for creative exploration and visual expression. The latter is a practical guide to creating captivating visuals algorithmically.

I find this kind of work incredibly exciting and it’s really inspiring to see some of the impressive work that’s being produced in this space.