VFS Digital Design Helped Me Find My Dream Job

Graduation day in the Digital Design program at the Vancouver Film School left me with a variety of options when it came to picking a career path. I didn’t have to wait very long to start my career, because on that day, between the graduation and award ceremonies, there was only one choice I wanted to make. So when it came time to decide whether or not to accept the job offer put before me, I did what all job candidates would do: I chose a role that would enable me to do what I had been trained for. I would never have gotten this opportunity without the help of the program’s faculty, most notably Amber Bezahler, Department Head for Digital Design at VFS. I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and confidence to take the job without the guidance from my teachers and mentors at the school.

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Amon Tobin Delivers with ISAM

Last night, at The Vogue Theatre’s sold-out show, I witnessed an enthralling visual performance by electronic musician Amon Tobin. Tobin has been revolutionizing electronic music since his signing with Ninja Tune in 1996. My favorite album was one he created entirely from field recordings in 2007 called, Foley Room. That is until I heard ISAM and seeing Amon Tobin’s performance last night and hearing the material live has sealed the deal.

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Designing Interactive Experiences

The designing interactive experiences class in term 2 focuses on developing a controlling idea and theme, then students drive this idea through the strategic, technical and visual aspects of the interactive design process. In this class, students build on their skills in information architecture, interface and user experience design, by integrating a strong visual exploration with compelling interactive storytelling.

Students create interactive experiences around performing art, lifestyle clothing, and sport expansion franchises. View some of the latest work below.

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Building Strong Interactive Kung Fu

After being exposed to user experience, interaction design fundamentals, and advanced HCI (Human Computer Interaction) techniques, students round out the program learning a range of interactive moves that would intimidate the likes of Mr. Miyagi.

The world is now looking at experiences through different lenses; which make up two layers of an experience. No we are not reinventing Jesse James Garrett’s five-layer model of interactive experiences. Rather, we are determining how they influence layers of system and social interaction.

The Gamification of Life is a master class in providing rewarding experiences based on understanding game play systems, and storytelling. The course builds on a core philosophy of user-centered design in which students are trained to conceptualize experiences as reward based systems that understand compulsions, progression models and dynamic feedback states.

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