Joshua Michie : Talking Township & Company

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Hey True Believers!

I’ve been working with a great studio in Toronto and had some time to mash this little interview out between renders. I think it’s important for all of us to give our own perspective of the studios we work for. I think it sheds some light onto some of the personalities and cultures that exist, while also creating tasty goodness. So grab a coffee…or tea….or a hydrating beverage, and enjoy this talk with Township & Company.


Joshua Michie

Talking with Township & Company

Believing in Better

Hey OOMPH’ers!

This was my first national broadcast project and a watershed moment in my career. Sky Better Effect working with Neon has been a real treat. Their process is one of constant experimentation, iteration, and preempted decisions that kept us above water and away from the often chaotic final stretch many creatives feel as a project wraps up.

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After Appetizers: Recent Digital Design Grads Look Back

Appetizers! Food, drink, and delicious bites of design. Now, doesn’t that sounds like a good reason to ditch the office for a couple of hours? Especially if it means first dibs on some of the hottest young designers in the city.

Back in April, many of Vancouver’s top design creatives and recruiters gathered at VFS for the Digital Design program’s first “Appetizers” graduate showcase. These three-minute, rapid-fire presentations generated a talent feeding frenzy during the mingler that followed.

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