Wearable Technology and eHealth: Lesson Two

Who wouldn’t want to play with the latest tech gadgets? Following the first lesson on trends, the second lesson of the new Wearable Technology and eHealth course gave students the opportunity to test and to experiment with a wide range of wearable devices and prototyping tools. Instructor Karen Whistler first presented examples of eHealth solutions with an analysis of utility, entertainment and information within current connected products. Hands-on testing and playing with a series of connected devices consumed the remainder and majority of the class. The mandate was to evaluate the strengths and the limitations of current connected and wearable devices, with an emphasis on having fun. In addition to a collection of iOS and Android devices, the students had access to Sphero, Nike+ FuelBands (1st Gen & SE), Jawbone UP, Phillips Hue Bridge & 3 bulbs, and WeMo Motion and Switch. The students were challenged to propose ‘hacks’ and additions to the devices to push them further in functionality. Hands down, the highlight to this lesson was the use of the prototyping tool: MaKey MaKey. The entire class even got involved to create a human circuit to power the virtual piano. It was fun to see the use of a graphite pencil to draw the keys on a sheet of paper to actually trigger the playing of the piano. At the end of this lesson, the students were given the project briefs for the term. We’re looking forward to seeing the solutions they come up with.

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Designing for the eHealth and Wearable Technology Revolution!

Here is our brand new collection of connected and wearable devices, which we will be experimenting and playing with as part of the newest VFS Digital Design course – “Wearable Technology and eHealth” – which will be taught by Karen Whistler. We have JawBone and the UP band, the latest Fuelband, Hue and Sphero!

However, this course is about more than play—we will be using the devices for hands-on experience with emerging technology. Students will be using them to unpack and validate thinking behind the underlying tech and how systems like these will integrate into all aspects of our lifestyle in the near future. In this course, the final deliverable will be to prototype an eHealth solution.  This will be shown through a Case Study video that communicates the Big Idea, initial prototype and pitches where the project would head next if given adequate funding.

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Goldilocks ATE the Three Bears

Goldilocks ate the three bears by Ryan Furlot

This is my interpretation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A modern and morbid twist of the classic fairy tale done for the Communication Design class with Karen Whistler. Here we see the young girl (portrayed by model and fellow Digital Design student Kayla Cherkas [aka Katnip]) with a taste for game, intruding into a home where she finds three bears and devours them for lunch. One was too tough, one was too gamey, and one was just right.

Goldilocks Ate the Three Bears.

Branding 2 : Story and Solution

Slide for Mariana Rodriguez Branding 2 Project Re-Set

I sat in on VFS Digital Design Instructor Maria Kennedy’s Branding 2 class, where students were presenting their work, and I was quite impressed with the results. The presentations were presided over by Digital Design instructor Karen Whistler, Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, and Program Manager, Sholeh Atash. The feedback was encouraging, yet critical in a constructive way, highlighting the strengths of each student’s work and outlining ways to address inconsistencies and ensure more cohesion in the application of the brand essence, while also guiding them in the art of presentation itself.

Laura Cortes Bus Shelter images for Gallery Branding

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Digital Design Summer Intensive : Branding A Superhero

VFS Summer Intensives Banner

The VFS Digital Design Summer Intensive is happening all this week (July 16 – July 20) and it’s off to a good start. The focus is Motion Design, and the exercise is branding yourself as a superhero. The first day started with Digital Design Instructors Myron Campbell, Kyle Norby and Student Mentor Monica Martinez giving a primer on Branding, and then getting the students to imagine themselves as either a superhero or supervillain.

Superhero Emblems Drafts

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