Draw By Night #23 : Pixel (& Happy Birthday!)

Draw By Night 23 Pixel Cloud Lightening Rain

This recap is long overdue. Lots of stuff has happened in the world of Draw By Night and I’d like to fill you in. (I feel like a neglectful father or something!)

Happy Birthday DBN 3

First of all, Happy Birthday to Draw By Night! DBN is now 3 years old — Whoo Hoo! I can’t believe it was three years ago that I was first nagging my friends and family to come and draw with me. DBN #1 had all of 6 people, but I’d say our little baby has grown up into a rambunctious toddler, making noise in lots of different places.

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Building Our Community at Maker Faire Vancouver & SIGGRAPH

Have you ever thrown a party and had that feeling, “what if no one shows up?”  Well, on June 25th of this year, I took on that feeling in a big way, by hosting a new event in the city, known as Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. A big part of hosting this sort of event and filling a room — along the list with project management and lots of meetings — is having an effective promotional strategy, paired with great design. Design that makes sense.

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Draw By Night #17 at Maker Faire

The Vancouver Maker Faire was host to the 17th Draw By Night party. The Maker Faire was a two-day celebration of making and creating so we DBNers felt right at home. It was an all-ages family festival promoting the ethos of DIY on a large scale attracting hackers, drawers, inventors, craft-makers and many others.

DBN was fortunate enough to have a space in the middle of the Faire with its signature sheets of paper stretched across 4 long tables. The theme was “The Uncollectables” where participants would draw misfit toys and robots that have been long forgotten or escaped attics, warehouses and old toy stores.

We had hundreds of people pass by the event along with many Digital Design students taking part and drawing on real toys. The whole Faire, organized in part by alumna Emily Smith, was a huge success and we can’t wait till next year!