2013 Miles Nurse Scholarship Call for Entries

Miles Nurse Scholarship Banner

VFS is once again looking for qualified applicants for the Miles Nurse Digital Design Scholarship! This scholarship was created to acknowledge Miles Nurse, the Head of Digital Design, in honour of his ongoing contribution to the world of design and his tremendous efforts to help educate a new generation of designers.

The scholarship, worth $2,500, is awarded each year to a new student from the January intake of the Digital Design program. The successful candidate is an individual who demonstrates a strong interest and passion for user experience, interactive design, problem solving, and storytelling.

The scholarship is open to all incoming students registered for Digital Design starting January 2, 2013, provided they have not previously taken any professional program at Vancouver Film School, are in good academic standing, and have not had professional industry experience in the field of Digital Design.

The 2012 winner was Ryan Ali, who spoke with OOMPH about his VFS Digital Design experience back in April of this year. And if you want to read more about other previous recipients of the award, including Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez and Jane Haezer Saputra, have a look at this post.

The deadline to apply for the Miles Nurse Scholarship has been extended to 16:30 PST November 15, 2012. Download the application form (pdf) or speak to an advisor today to learn more.

Miles Nurse Scholarship Winner Ryan Ali Talks About Shifting Gears

Ryan Ali, the most recent winner of the VFS Miles Nurse Scholarship, discusses his first 12 weeks in the Digital Design program.

“Shifting gears from writing a thesis on mobile learning technology to studying Digital Design at VFS has flipped my world upside down. I started my career as a biology teacher in Sydney, Australia and then moved on to working on a masters degree researching mobile learning technologies. While I value the skills that I have learned in the university environment, I felt a new spark of excitement when I began seeing the types of projects that we are able to work on here in Digital Design. For the first time in many years I began to get truly turned on by assignments and hands-on activities that we are involved with. The opportunities to express yourself creatively within the program are, at times, overwhelming.

A stark contrast to the rigid boundaries found in many university settings. There are nights when I have arrived home exhausted after a long day, only to find myself switching on my bedside light over and over again to write down new ideas that I can use in our projects. I am interpreting this as a sign that I’m in the right place and I feel very lucky to be here.”

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