Nikolay Verin’s Iconography

Comic Bunch Icon

There is an area of design that I have always found very interesting, but it never seems to get the attention it deserves: I’m talking about the design of icons for apps. Currently, with the growth of mobile applications, this branch of design has the potential for much development. The icon is like the “packaging” of the application, it is the first image that the user has access to. I have already downloaded several apps just because the icon caught my attention and made me wonder what the application had to offer me.
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The Growth of Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing

detail from infographic about penetration of smartphone apps

The infographic below was developed recently by Loreal Lynch, Marketing Manger at Engine Yard and published on the Engine Yard blog. Engine Yard is a cloud-based platform as a service company. Loreal makes some interesting observations about the relationship between the development of Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing. The development and successful penetration of Mobile Apps in the market has definitely changed the way that people orient to their mobile devices and to computing in general, and the development of Cloud Computing platforms is working directly in relationship to these changes. Where do you think things are headed next?

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