Digital Design Talks Review : Launch Pad Lift Off

Slide from principles

The latest edition of Digital Design Talks, titled Launch Pad, took place recently (Wed, Sept 12) at the VFS Main Theater, exploring the theme of Startups. The speakers were current Digital Design student Novita Prasetia, and Digital Design grad and co-founder of Unbounce, Carter Gilchrist. The evening was introduced and moderated by Digital Design Head of Department, Miles Nurse.

The first speaker was Novita (Vivi) Prasetia.

Novita (Vivi) Prasetia

Vivi started her engaging presentation with an anecdote about two salesmen who went to a place in Africa to investigate a new market for shoes. The first salesman reported back to his boss, “Nobody wears Shoes here — Forget it!” …. But then the second salesman reported back to his boss: “Nobody wears shoes here — What a great opportunity!”

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