Creative Beginnings Week 3 : Meet Laura Patricia Hernández Torres

Creative Beginnings featuring Laura Patricia Hernández Torres

Back in August, VFS Digital Design greeted a new, diverse and exciting group of students. We’re looking forward to seeing them develop their professional careers as future designers. But first, let’s get to know a bit about some of them.

Creative Beginnings features five new students — a different one each week — from a variety of backgrounds, who tell us where they’re from, what their hopes and dreams are, what their inspirations are, what their first impressions are about the program, about their fellow classmates, about Vancouver, and what they do to have fun!

For five weeks, each Tuesday, we present an interview with one of them and a nice portrait photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

Sep 18 : Ya-Rou Tiffany Tsai
Sep 25 : Craig Wilson
Oct 09 : Ian Brady
Oct 16 : Seerat Bawa

Today (Oct 2) : Laura Patricia Hernández Torres

Portrait of Laura Patricia Hernández Torres

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My inspiration, Romero Britto : A colorful lifestyle

Colors of Brazil 1996 by Romero Britto

A few years ago, I discovered Romero Britto and fell in love with his art. All his creations are amazing, full of positive energy, I like all the vibrant designs that he shares through his art, printed in a variety of products. But what I like the most about his work is the perfect match he creates between beauty and charity. I find all the colors and images that are pictured in his designs completely amazing. This Brazilian artist, combines influences from Cubism with Pop Art to create an iconic style that, as The New York Times describes, “exudes warmth, optimism and love.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pen or crayons, a bunch of color pencils or colorful clothes — I incorporate it all into my lifestyle. I like the idea that life is a huge color palette you can mix into infinite combinations. These combinations make life more exciting, optimistic and lovely.

Romero Britto “considers the role of an artist to be an agent of positive change.” He serves as a benefactor — donating time, art and resources to over 250 charitable organizations and several boards such as, Best Buddies International, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Looking Into the Future 2005

If you want to know more about Romero Britto, check out his web site and, like me, you may also fall in love with his work.