Digital Design Summer Intensive : Superhero Super Work

Superhero Emblems Jimena

Day 4 of the Summer Intensive started with Senior Instructor Myron Campbell introducing himself, showing some of his incredible work, and giving the students an overview of the full Digital Design Program, including some amazing examples of work by former students from the three main streams: Communication Design, Motion Design and Interactive Design. The Summer Intensive students have been focusing their efforts on Motion Design, but they were interested in a fuller picture of the program. Some stuck around afterwards for a more informal Q & A with Myron — and from the tenor of the discussion, it looks like we might be seeing more of them in the future. From the way they’ve been devloping their projects over the last intense 4 days, it’s clear that they’re as committed to learning the necessary tools and techniques as they are in having fun with them.

Superhero Pose Melissa
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Nonprofits and Social Media

In term 3, our students work with nonprofit organizations to create awareness building campaigns. The effective use of social media is always an integral part of their strategies. So, when I recently came across an article by  Craig Newmark, the Founder of Craigslist and, in the Huffington Post about How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media, I took notice.

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