The 45hr SLAM Experience : Team Popped Collars

Cole Derochie and Team Popped Collars working on the 45hr SLAM

Always check your email.

I say this because you never know when a 45hr SLAM might kick off. Heck, it could happen at 6 pm on some idle Wednesday, when you already have hard plans with your bed to get together for some sleep. Well, wake up buttercup, you’re at VFS, and you’re in Digital Design. I admit that I needed reminding.

Immediately following the ‘Futurists’ Digital Design Talk, students were gathered into teams to develop a conceptual prototype for a product that would be used in the “world of tomorrow.” As it was for the future, the opportunities were seemingly endless: augmented reality, holograms, teleportation — and even sharks with lasers — were examples of possible avenues to take in this open ended brief.

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