Big Ideas makes a Big Impact : Part 1

SHLF team

VFS Digital Design’s Big Ideas course gives students the opportunity to utilize their well-honed skills while working closely with local non-profit organizations to give back to communities in need. Big Ideas gives our students exposure to real clients, so as to apply innovative solutions, meant to be easily implemented, to their challenging problems. It provides them with the chance to create designs that effect real change in the world. Over an intense two-month period, students in teams fervently work to create awareness campaigns, branding concepts, and inspirational motion pieces.

The creative process for this term’s Big Ideas course was mentored by industry veterans Tiffany Hamilton (Director at Arista Investment Group Inc.) and Gagan Diesh (Creative Director at DesignStamp). The clients were the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation & the Vancouver Peak Oil Organization.

In this post, we look at the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation (SHLF) brief — in Part 2, we’ll look at the brief for Vancouver Peak Oil Organization.

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Digital Design Students Spark Action for Non-Profits

Commanding audience attention is not as easy as it might appear. That was the motivation behind a challenge he gave to four teams of Term 3 students: take all that knowledge, savvy, and talent you’re amassing during your year and focus it on increasing awareness for three great causes. The Interactive and Information Design course is a seven-week bullet train ride through the creative process. Students present information across multiple mediums to increase audience understanding, influence opinions, and encourage action. It was VFS students tackling real issues, providing real solutions, to get real results.

That’s a lot of reality. Digital Design makes it happen by working with actual not-for-profit organizations with very real design needs. Client Proxies act as intermediaries to facilitate the process and ensure that students are getting what they need out of the experience, from an educational point of view.

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