We are Missing “U”

still from typeface video

It’s not only people who are different — Typefaces are different too! Every single one of them wants to express their difference just as we do!

Difference is good. Difference expresses itself. Difference creates ideas. Difference transmits feelings. Difference shares opinions. And most importantly — difference has its own way to show itself to the world!

Express yourself! Create ideas! Transmit feelings! Share opinions! Show yourself to the world! Be different!

Branding Googamooga : Dark Igloo inspired by Brooklyn Bodega Storefronts

Dark Igloo's Googamooga Admat

Digital Design alumnus Mark Miller and Dark Igloo co-founder Dave Franzese did such a great job recently with the branding for Bonnaroo 2012 that Superfly Events hired them back to brand the Great Googamooga Festival in Brooklyn, New York, taking place in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, May 19 & 20, 2012.

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Communication 1 : The Building Blocks of Conceptual Design

Sarah Fischer Poster

Digital Design students in Communication 1 were recently given a creative brief to produce posters for an imagined Reggae Hall of Fame. The results at just 3 weeks into the first term were amazing! (For example, Sarah Fischer’s poster pictured above.) The course engages students in the use of conceptual design methods for creative and innovative solutions to design problems.

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