A 5 minute walk around the game design campus

Hi, my name is Nicha. I am from Thailand. I have been studying at VFS for a couple months now.

The Game Design Campus is located in the heart of Chinatown, just East of downtown Vancouver. I really like where our game design campus is, because it is so convenient! Today, I will show you a few convenient places near our 88 East Pender campus. It takes no more than 5 minutes on foot.

Let’s Go!

Only 1/2 block away to the east

New Town Bakery and Restaurant.

Every time I pass it, the bakery’s smell always drag me in. I think this is the best bakery around here!
I usually buy Chinese buns and apple tarts here. They are super delicious! The prices are also reasonable.

Only 2 blocks away to the west

International Village (Mall)

It has a food centre having various kinds of food, such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, bla bla food. It is an international food centre!

Moreover, there is a Dollar Store named Yokoyaya 123. This store sells lots of Japanese products.
The price is a little bit  higher than the other Dollar Stores around here, but Yokoyaya’s product quality is outstanding. I always buy good and cheap stuff from here.

There is cinemas here too. What a great place. It has everything!

Note: VFS Students can buy Discount Movie Tickets from our Student Services, and then exchange the discount ticket with the real ticket at the cinema. That’s how we can get the cheaper price ticket! Woo!

There is also a 24hrs McDonalds, which is the perfect place for the students who work overnight at school.

We usually go to these places to fulfill our energy during our hard working days. (Most importantly, filling the space in our stomach)
Very convenient!

(EDITORS NOTE: We highly encourage you to diversify your eating habits to stay healthy)

It’s time to go back to finish my homework now.
See you next time!

Nicha Jaijadesuk is a Game Design student and one of our Women in Games Scholarship winners