A Review Of The First Double Feature Friday with Brock Robin and Games Night!

A Conversation With : Brock Robin

Double Feature Friday, as the name suggests, is an event with two features. The first being A Conversation With, which is a Q&A session with a VFS Game Design graduate, and the second being Games Night, where students can duke it out in Street Fighter or a myriad of other games that one might wish to play. Friday was the first of such events, but hopefully not the last.

Feature one: A Conversation With: Brock Robin

To start off the festivities we had a Q&A session with Brock Robin, a former game design student (GD07), who is now a systems designer at Relic Entertainment. Brock spoke about his time here at VFS and shared his experiences at Relic with us, offering insights into what the industry is like as well as advice for current students.

When asked about the most surprising part about being a game designer, he said he was surprised by the amount of responsibility given to him as a junior designer. His favourite part of the job is coming up with crazy abilities and seeing them come to life in games. Brock also shared some key advice: Firstly, that networking is very important, and secondly, that teamwork is a key to success and one of the most valuable skills he learned at VFS.

The Q&A session with Brock was definitely eye-opening and tremendously interesting, I cannot wait to see who the next speaker will be.

Games Night

Feature Two: Fun and Games

There really is nothing like kicking back with fellow classmates and gamers to cap off a Friday night. Many, many, games of magic were played, and lots of great conversations had throughout the night. There was also a pseudo Street Fighter tournament on the big screen; a tradition at most VFS game design gatherings.

All in all, Double Feature Friday was a great night, I really enjoyed it and I hope it becomes a staple at the VFS game design campus.