GD63 Pitch and Play!!

Please join us on Thursday April 7th to check out the latest games made by VFS students and welcome them into the game industry! This free online event is open to all industry people that want to see the wonderful games these students have produced.

We’ll be showing off:

Empress Eternal is a 3D isometric combat game, where you embark on a draconic rampage of blood and magic to reclaim your palace from the hands of the dragon hunters who seek to eradicate your kind.

Noenen’s Awakening is a 3D Third-Person platformer where you play as Noenen, an apprentice shaman on a journey through the Spirit World to complete his training to become a Master Shaman!

Three Curse Meal is a 3D isometric hack & slash game where the players explore an ancient dungeon built by a cursed civilization in order to find the greatest recipe while fighting off hordes of terrifying half-food, half-human creatures.

LUNA is an isometric hack-n-slash game about a young monk who is preparing to become a master at her Teushen temple and bring an end to the Ice Age that has enveloped the earth.

NITRO SKYLINE is a first person vertical-scrolling rhythm game where you hit colorful notes coming down four lanes to upbeat and energetic beats.

Unfamiliar is a 3rd person action platformer where you play as Hazel, a young witch, as she uses magic spells to navigate the Midnight Forest and find her missing familiar.

Memory killer is a 3-D behind the shoulder hack-n-slash game where the player play as Muku, a girl whose memories are stolen by a group of gangs. Aiming to retrieve her memories, she will slash through every enemy in the city.

Please click below to RSVP and join us!

The VFS Women in Game Design Scholarship is back

Now with more opportunities for students, more companies involved and more opportunities to change the game industry, the VFS Women In Game Design Scholarship is back! Huge thanks to our partners at The Coalition, Blackbird Interactive and A Thinking Ape that started this campaign and are sheparding it to still greater heights.

Get your game on at CIFF Intermission Arcade

Vancouver Film School has partnered with Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) in support of its 21st annual film festival. Gaming enthusiasts are invited to attend the first-ever CIFF Intermission Arcade, co-sponsored by indie game publisher Raw Fury (Backbone, GoNNER 2). The event takes place from September 23-27 and will give CIFF audiences the chance to play a variety of video games including DANDARA: Trials of Fear, Longest Road on Earth, Norco, and Sable. The arcade will also have a pop-up bar with mocktails courtesy of Greta Bar.

Dates: Thursday, September 23 – Monday, September 27, 2021
Time: 5-9 p.m. (Thursday, Friday, Monday) and 12-9 p.m. (Saturday & Sunday)
Location: Eau Claire Market

The CIFF Intermission Arcade is set to be the prime hangout for gamers at this year’s CIFF festival. Having grown our School of Games & Creative Design at VFS over the past 10 years, there isn’t anywhere else we would want to be this September. This event will be as much a learning opportunity for us as it will be a source of great entertainment, and we can’t wait to see video game lovers unite at CIFF Intermission Arcade.”-Christopher Mitchell – Head of School of Games & Creative Design, VFS

For more information on the CIFF Intermission Arcade, click here.

GD60 Online Pitch and Play – August 5th

Come join us August 5th and check out six great games made by the GD60 students!

All games were made in lockdown by the hardworking students of Game Design 60 supported by Sound Designer Grads. In an age when companies are pushing launch dates, GD students are shipping games!

Women In Game Design Scholarship

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to say that VFS, in partnership with Blackbird Interactive and The Coalition is again doing the Women in Game Design Scholarship! This campaign has scholarships, including two full-tuition scholarships, monthly mentorship for the two full scholarship winners and paid Game Designer contracts for the full scholarship students.

Scholarship Details:
Vancouver Film School will be awarding scholarships valued at more than $100,000 to creative students wanting to apply for its prestigious Game Design program, ranked #1 in Canada by the Princeton Review.

Scholarship submissions open on March 8, 2021.
Closing date is May 25, 2021.
Winners will be announced by June 2021.
VFS will be awarding 2 full-tuition scholarships and up to $25,000 in additional partial scholarship funding.
The scholarship is open to students 17 years or older at the time of application.
The scholarship is open to applicants from anywhere in the world. (*International applicants outside North America will be subject to student study permits and visa requirements.)
In June 2021, VFS will select and announce the winners of the 2021 scholarship.
Applicants will need to enroll at VFS for either of the following start dates: August 30, 2021 or October 25, 2021.

Please click the link below for more information

GD59 Pitch and Play tonight!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re ready to see three great games made by the students of Game Design 59! We’re hosting the event online via hopin starting at 4pm Vancouver time so please register and meeting our latest class. The event features interviews of the students by Victor Lucas and live gameplay demos by the students themselves.

Please click this link to register and join!

See you there, stay safe!

Afloat is nominated for Unity Student Game of the Year!

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly happy to say that the great game “Afloat” made by a combined team of Game Design, Programming and Sound Design students, with help from VFS concept artists and rigging artists is nominated for Unity Student Game of the Year! Voting happening right now!

If we win, we’ll be the only school to win this prestigious award two years in a row! Please take a moment to cast your vote and do try this fantastic game.

A huge congratulations to all the team members involved!


Rodrigo Vieira – Technical Artist | VFX Artist | Project Manager – Game Design

James Assayag – Level & UI Designer | Character & UI Artist – Game Design

Rafael Nunez – Environmental Artist | Level Designer – Game Design

Diego Castagne – Gameplay & Audio Programmer – Programming for Games Web and Mobile

J. Vitor Brito – AI & Networking Programmer – Programming for Games Web and Mobile

Sabastian Peters – UI & UX Programmer | Dev Ops – Programming for Games Web and Mobile

Andres Cortes – Original Music Composer – Sound Design

Katrina Castillou – Sound Designer + Sound Point of Contact -Sound Design

L. Santiago Urrego – Sound Designer -Sound Design

Stefan Raushki – Sound Designer -Sound Design

Brenda de Oliveira – Concept Artist – Concept Art

Raquel Centeno – Concept Artist Neena – Concept Art

Fontaine-Ellis – Concept Artist – Concept Art

Elias Issa – Rigging Artist – 3D Department


The Cluckening Wins Unity Student Project of the Year!

- Posting on behalf of team member Luca Cresciullo


The Cluckening is both a student project and a passion project. Our team of six worked long hours to complete it, and we are incredibly proud to have won the Unity award for Best Student Project.

When the project began, we created our group based on the vision of a market-viable game. Winning the Unity award proves to us that we were able to set out and achieve the goal that brought us all together in the first place.

The Cluckening: A game about a vengeful chicken set on a path of destruction and mayhem. Five months of blood, sweat, and tears. What brought us together was a shared love of games, and the goal to create something that people would love. And so, we got to work. We chose our target market, and we did the research. Out of many game concepts and weeks of thought and effort, and with the advice of our instructors, we settled on the strongest one. But we weren’t finished there. Now we had to build it and, as we started, we realized there were many things that didn’t work, things that didn’t make sense, or things that didn’t fit our market.

Over the months, the game evolved as we honed in on the concept that would rule them all. Soon, it was all over. We submitted our final build and won the Best Game award for our class, which felt amazing. Our class was incredibly strong with many great projects. When school ended, we went our separate ways. Some of us started companies of our own, some moved far, far away. As the Unity Awards neared and we had the chance to enter, we were excited.

Winning the award could be a sign that the goal that brought us all together had indeed been reached. When the results came out, we had won Best Student Project of 2019. Seeing our game next to all the other winners, we felt the possibilities were endless. Does The Cluckening have a future? We think so. Winning this award proves it to us. Now the only question is, what next?

Now go play our game. We hope you enjoy it. We sure do.


GDC Follow up 2: 10 Predictions For The Game Industry

The most stirring talk at GDC this year had to be Manveer Heir’s talk “Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia: Where Do Video Games Stand?” but that’s already very well covered by the internet in general.  Go read about it, then come back here. This article is on the future of the game industry according to GDC presenters.

It’s easy to sound smart at GDC, or in games in general. Just talk about how we got the industry to the state we are now. Through the power of hindsight you sound like a genius with just a bit of research. The really brave GDC presenters were the ones making predictions about the future.

Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat was one of the brave ones this year, making ten predictions in just an hour, including a number of questions the industry really doesn’t want to hear.

1)    Are we in a golden age?

2)    Are we in a bubble?

3)    Do valuations of game companies make sense?

4)    Who is going to win?

5)    Who is the most efficient at making games?

6)    How many people do you need to make great games?

7)    Who is going to grow?

8)    What are the risks?

9)    How do you wind down a game?

10) What is gaming’s dark side?

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GDC2014: Teaching Sportsmanship in League Of Legends

At GDC 2014 one of the most interesting talks for me was a talk by Jeff Lynn of Riot Games on encouraging sportsmanship in players. This concept isn’t new in engineering online experiences but Riot Games has an interesting twist in that Riot Games focuses on four different ‘behavior inflection points’ rather than just in-game behaviour.


Choosing a game mode, pre-game, in-game and post-game are all seen as points to encourage sportsmanship behaviours. If you pave the way towards good experiences before matches or after matches, you greatly increase the odds that a players’ overall experience is seen as positive.


The company starts from the premise that all players are inherently good, but bad contexts give rise to bad behaviours. If a player has a positive day, gets the character and role they want, then obviously they’re entering the game on a high note, coincidentally it all worked out in the players’ favour. On the other hand, if they had a bad day, can’t get the player they want, they’re having a bad experience before they start playing.

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