Unity Best Practices With Yossarian King And Gerald Orban From Blackbird Interactive

Yggy King talking to VFS Game Design students about good coding practices

On Friday, May 17, 2013 two VFS Game Design Industry Mentors from Blackbird InteractiveYossarian (Yggy) King and Gerald Orban gave a presentation on how to maintain the quality of Unity based projects and guided us on how to use the engine at its best. They have been using Unity3D for more than 3 years now and are guiding Game Design classes (GD 28 & 29) currently on the production floor.

They covered 3 key things during the presentation:

  1. Design and Code – Keeping the code simple and clear
  2. Test and Debug – knowing the right tools to do it
  3. Managing your project – staying organized and thinking ahead.

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A Chat With Game Design Grad Kay Chan

Kay Chan from East Side Games

When asked about her experience as a student of VFS, Kay Chan describes it as, “Intensely fun!” Kay Chan was part of the 22nd graduating class of VFS Game Design and is currently working as an Associate Producer at East Side Games, Vancouver, Canada.

Originating from Sydney, Australia, Kay was working in marketing and web development when she realised, “Hey! Someone has to make games.” She decided the switch to video games and looked at game design schools all over the world. She felt that VFS had a pretty good resume and portfolio of student games. “In a way, it was a really quick program: a 1-year intensive, as opposed to a 2-year master’s program,” she said. Talking to other students helped her make her decision to join VFS Game Design.
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