Success Principle #2 For Getting Paid To Make Games

We spend so much time mastering our technical skills that sometimes, just sometimes, we forget that a huge aspect of landing a job, or getting investment, or partnering with team members, or getting promoted is whether the person you are talking to… likes you.

There is a real skill to giving off a good vibe. Some people are naturals. Some are not. Even the pros, you know, those popular people that everyone seems to like, really put conscious effort into connecting with their interlocutor and taking an interest in what is important for them.

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Success Principle #1 For Getting Paid To Make Games

There is nothing wrong with floating through life. You know, drifting wherever the wind takes you.

It can be fun and relaxing and free of tough decisions or responsibilities.

BUT… if this is how you are approaching your Video Game career, you will likely land in a puddle or get haplessly stuck against a tree, or perhaps snapped into the jaws of a hungry dog who mistook you for a squirrel. “Squirrel!”

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