A Conversation with… Nick Yonge

After watching the CVA awards show, A Conversation with… tracked down Nick Yonge of krangGAMES from our 16th graduating class.

  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

Currently I’m self-employed at my own independent games company, krangGAMES. I’m developing downloadable games for home computer and consoles, like my Kickstarter-funded main project, Emerald.
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2014 VFS Holiday-Retrospectacular and Game-Update Bonanza

Hey all, with the end of 2014 fast approaching and a new year around the corner we here at VFS thought it would be nice to look back at the year and highlight everyone’s hard work as well as look forward to 2015! (and put the spotlight on all the new games that have been updated in this websites library!)

When I consider 2014 it’s hard to believe all that has changed since I was in my second term at this time last year. Students have graduated, Staff has come and gone, Alumni have gotten exciting jobs in Vancouver and around the world, a new program that VFS is offering here at the Game Design campus has started: “Programming for Games, Web, & Mobile”, and perhaps most importantly we have made a lot of really cool and exciting games. Five Game Design classes have graduated with one more class, the GD37′s (who are notable for being the first GD class to collaborate with the new Programming program) graduating in the coming weeks.

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Hat Jam 7: Meow Tales

Biggest. Jam. Yet.

With 12 teams, Hat Jam 7: Meow Tales, was a boisterous and magical affair. The game jam brought together over 60 students and alumni from the VFS Game Design, Programming and Entertainment Business Management campuses.

(Click here to view the Presentations on YouTube.)
(Click here to view the Awards Ceremony on YouTube.) 

After selecting their fairytale theme from one of our wondrous hats, jammers had 48-hours to create games from start to finish.

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Grad Night for the 36th class of Game Design

It’s Fall in Vancouver, and once again the Game Design program has a reason to celebrate. It’s graduation night, a night to celebrate, to look back on the year, and recognize the amazing things they have done.

The Graduation and Awards show on October 23rd has a mix of parts: one part formal, and one part fun. The formal part of the evening hosted by Tanya Jensenbegan with a congratulatory speech from the Head of Game Design Dave Warfield, then the student-elected class speaker David Milne took us through stories of the past year in Game Design, and finally student selected Instructor speaker Rick Davidson closed the speeches with his advice for the class.

Each of the speakers had some deep insight into what they had just been through, and how to prepare for the coming months, but mostly it was a chance to look back on the year, and look ahead to the bright future this class has. The formalities continued with the handing out of diplomas and the embarrassingly long handshakes that make up that portion of the evening. Congratulations to James, Ian, David, James, and Matthew, all who graduated with honours.

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Postmortem: Shadow Of The Sun

Postmortem: Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun is a 2D action platformer Team Swordicorn (Melvin Kwan, Charles Park, Nick Marce, and Markus W. Redl) produced from July to October of 2014 as a student project in Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program. We were influenced by games like Mega Man X and wanted to produce something that had a similar feel, while making it our own.

Our core pillar for Shadow of the Sun was fast-paced action platforming. We facilitated this with tight gameplay mechanics. Although initially we also wanted to include stronger narrative elements in Shadow of the Sun, for various reasons, they were cut from the game.

This postmortem is of only my perspective on the project and may conflict with other members’ perspectives. I will not name any person in particular in the postmortem. Please keep in mind that this is only my perspective as one fourth of Team Swordicorn.

Note: This postmortem is not technical. It is about the human dynamics as I experienced them.

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Brian Wood Memorial Internship goes to… Dustin Williamson


Congratulations to VFS Game Design alumni Dustin Williamson (pictured here with Game Director, Phil Boulle of Relic Entertainment/Sega)! Dustin was selected for the Brian Wood Memorial Internship with Relic Games!

The Brian Wood Memorial Internship was founded by VFS Game Design and Relic Games in memory of the late Brian Wood, who was Relic’s Company of Heroes Online lead designer. Three Game Design students a year are offered the scholarship for a period of four months. The inaugural internship was awarded in February 2011, to Zach Williams. Other winners have included: Andres MolinaMaxwell Hannaman, Isaac Calon, Alex Mueller, Carolina Mastretta, Andy Fedorchuk, James Dodge, and Guerric Haché.

Dustin Williamson, our third winner for 2014, graduated from the Game Design program on August 21, 2014. His graduating game project, Lucidity, which he developed in collaboration with fellow students Blake Vetter, Cam Hickey, Matt Holland, and Jamie Thompson, can be found here on the Arcade Games page.


GD38 2D Projects

GD38 2D Projects

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014 VFS held it’s 2D Projects course presentations, which consisted of 7 great 2D games from the GD38 class. All the games, along with their descriptions and a link to play them are listed below.


FALLEN HERO is a 2.5D side-scrolling dark fantasy exploration game where the player goes through a medieval castle collecting clues and solving puzzles to discover the origins of the curse of the main protagonist, the fallen hero. The game mixes a blend of 2D size scrolling exploration with first person interactive sequences for puzzle solving and item pickups.

Developed by Daniel Alcivia Smith, Vitor Castanheira, Alain Marchino, and Jean-Paul Peschard.

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GD36 Pitch and Play

Another term at VFS and another graduating class of game designers hit the stage at the GD36 Pitch & Play event. Four teams of aspiring game designers showcased their games in front of VFS Game Design Staff and industry professionals on October 2ndand were later joined on the production floor as folks played their completed games and built new connections in the games industry.

Game Design department head Dave Warfield opened the night by addressing the audience before passing on the torch to emcee Rick Davidson, who used his charm and wit to engage spectators in the studio and those watching the online stream. Without further ado, here are the four amazing projects that were presented by our freshly baked game designers!

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GD35 Pitch and Play

This August saw the departure of another excellent batch of design students in the form of GD35. The variety and polish of their final projects was truly astounding, and they got a chance to show off all their great work at another Vancouver Film School Pitch and Play. VFS alumni and industry professionals packed into the TV Studio at the Game Design campus one warm evening to see what these students had put together, and the students did not disappoint. Here’s a quick glimpse into the awesome games that were demonstrated for us on stage:


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Hat Jam 6: Zentember

Another hat jam. Another amazing weekend filled with creative minds, prototyped innovation and much caffeine. All in the name of making a game from start to finish in 48-hours. This time around, we were lucky to have the support of East Side GamesIUGO mobile entertainmentHothead Games and Fresh Bowl.

For those unfamiliar with Hat Jam, our game jam is named as such because jammers draw themes out of a hat. They’re then tasked with creating games based on these themes, with this month’s apt category being “Zentember” – pseudo zen koans.

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