CAUTION: Ghoulish Games Ahead

You only need to visit Comic-Con to find that costumes and gamers go hand-in-hand. Cosplay is the natural product of game designers marrying unique worlds with engaging characters. It’s no surprise then that Halloween is a popular holiday here on campus.

 The dark, spooky and ghoulish themes that come with the holiday are often echoed in our student games. Below we have selected 8 frightening games to get you in the Halloween spirit!

1. The Horroring (GD28) – A darkly comedic adventure game about a lonely ghost and a once-peaceful village, developed by four students in the Unity Engine for the PC.

Play The Horroring HERE.

2. Eyegore (GD18) – Eyegore is a side-scrolling 3d puzzle platformer created by 3 students in Unity in which the titular hunchback guides a Brain to his Master through and into traps and deadly obstructions.

Play Eyegore HERE.

3. Count Pengula’s Castle (GD12) – A 2D side scrolling Flash game where you control two characters; Wally the Vampire Walrus and Joe, the Pirate Octopus. Switch between them and use their unique abilities to work together to solve puzzles and defeat Count Pengula- the butler that betrayed Wally and took over his castle!

Play Count Pengula’s Castle HERE.

4. Edgar Lopez: Janitor of Souls (GD03) – This game is a “seek and destroy” game where you hunt ghosts and free their souls. using the gadgets found in the doctor’s scientific lair, Edgar Lopez now has a way of tracking, marking, and destroying ghosts.

Play Edgar Lopez: Janitor of Souls HERE.

5. Kevin & Carla Haunted Mansion (GD33) – Kevin and Carla: The Haunted Mansion is a spooky isometric top down puzzle adventure game. A brother and sister in their grandparent’s haunted mansion trying to solve the mystery of their parents’ disappearance. Using their crucifixes they eliminate the ghosts who are protecting the secret.

Play Kevin & Carla Haunted Mansion HERE.

6. Grave Zombies (GD31) – By using only a practice baseball bat, the kids must defend themselves from the twisted undead.

Play Grave Zombies HERE.

7. Jack (GD25) – In Jack, players take control of the titular character throughout the journey that takes them from being a simple little boy as featured in the “Jack and Jill” nursery rhyme, to becoming Jack the Ripper, one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

Play Jack HERE.

8. Murder by Murder (GD16) – When a school bus full of 10 year old girls is stalled at the side of the road, the naive students decide to find their own way home through the nearby woods.

Play Murder by Murder HERE.

Happy Halloween everyone!