Flash Game Presentations : Game Design Class 31

The tradition continues with the 31st class of Game Design (GD31) hosting the Flash Game Presentations here at VFS Game Design.

Working in a small team, the students develop a Flash game over a 14-week period in Terms 2 and 3. While learning the intricacies of the Flash engine, the students write code, create art and produce audio for their games. The whole process culminates in a presentation to the entire Game Design student body, faculty and staff.

A Great Turn-Out
Great to see the fellow GD students supporting their peers!

The GD31s came prepared, showcasing 5 unique games that bring a new flavour to the Arcade vault!

Up first was Weird Wheels: You play a  rebellious rollerblader in a near-future metropolis where skating is illegal.

Click here to play Weird Wheels

Next was Grave Zombies: By using only a practice baseball bat, the kids must defend themselves from the twisted undead.

Click here to play The Grave Zombies

Third to present was Super Me: The Super City is under attack by the evil Dr. Mortemo! Now it’s up to you to fight through criminals on the street, mutants in the sewers, henchmen in Dr. Mortemo’s Secret Layer.

Click here to play Super Me

Then came Chaos Terrain: maneuvers through a maze of culture and terrain blocks by avoiding or destroying them.

Click here to play Chaos Terrain

And last but not least is P.U.N.K.: You play as a Steam Punk technician who navigates through the inner workings of clocks in order to fix the broken links.

Click here to play P.U.N.K.

Special thanks to Game Design instructors Chevy Ray Johnston, Benjamin Stern, Crystal Lau and our resident audiophile Steve Royea.

Congratulations GD31s on a successful presentation.   Hopefully the GD32s have something up their sleeve to top them!

Jacob Tran teaches Flash at VFS Game Design