Game Design Campus Sneak Peek!

Helloooo! This is a great time.

Regularly, we do not allow any strangers to come into our campus.

However, today I am going to take you on a tour!

Come on! Let’s go in!

First of all, to get into the building, we have to pass this double security door. It needs a VFS key card and password.

In order to access each area in the school, it requires keycards at almost every door!

(Sometimes, when I go off the campus to buy some food, I forget my keycard.
Then, I cannot get back into the building. LOL That was a great lesson for me.)

Anyway, Let’s start at the 3rd floor!

Classroom 1-4

Each student will get a PC to use as a personal device in each term.

The classrooms for term 1-4 are on the 3rd floor. In term 1-4, we have a lot of hands-on classes.

Brainstorming area

Transparent boards, tables and chairs are almost at every corner!

Iron Chef (Kitchen)

This is the most important room for me. (I cannot work without energy. lol)

I usually bring my lunchbox to the school. Some of my friends make their fresh sandwiches here.
We can stock our food on the shelves and in the refrigerator.
By the way, sometimes you have to write your name on your food container….

Lounge with new game-related magazines

This is the area we usually sit, meet and chat with our friends.
Some students use this area as their bedroom at night. (why!?)
Looks like our campus has very comfy couches!

Arcade Rooms

As a game designer, you have to play lotsssssss of games. Here is the place for you to enjoy them!
Anyway, not just for fun, but for study too!
I like the decoration of this room. It is Super Mario old school 16-bit theme.
I wish they would have this kind of decoration every where!

The other Arcade is about Xbox 360 and PS3′s… soon Xbone and PS4.

Our school provides Student Resources where we can borrow books and games to play (in campus).
Student Resources is on the 1st floor. I will take you there later!

Design Theatre

Yes, there is a HD theatre room with 6.1 sound for watching movies and lectures.

Now, let’s go to the 2nd floor.

Production Studio

This is a big room for term 5-6 students. They are working on their final project here. I cannot wait to be here  in term 5 now!

The room is arranged is like a working area in a game studio.

There is concept art on the walls (including windows). Post-it notes are every where . Wow Wow Wowwwww!

Our instructors and mentors will come here, talk about the games, test and give feedback to each team.

Sound Booth

There is a quiet zone in the production studio. Here is the sound lab, where we can record voice, sound effects and create music here.

Student Services

We don’t have to go to student service headquarters. You can meet them here! We can ask them about visas, discounts, places for sightseeing and student’s promotional prices, etc!

There’s also a kitchen area on this floor, it’s called “Master Chef”. Alright! We already covered most of the important rooms here, lets go to the 1st floor!

Student Resources

We can borrow textbooks and PS/Wii/XBOX games here.

and board games as well!

Pop/snack Vending Machines

Another resource for temporary energy.

Bike Locker

Here is the private bike locker area for our school. We can access this area only with our keycard.
Once again, super security system! (keycard access system is every where)

Since you probably already have seen the TV Studio where they do the Pitch & Play presentations, I won’t show you again.

That was a quick overview of our Game Design Campus.

It was a pleasure being your guide. I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time!

Nicha Jaijadesuk is a VFS Game Design Student, and a winner of our Women in Games Scholarship