Game Design’s Industry Night Event : Pitch And Play

Announcing Game Design Industry Night Pitch N' Play

Tonight - January 31, 2013 - the 26th class of VFS Game Design students will be presenting the final games that they have spent the last 4 months designing and developing at our Industry event night Pitch And Play.

The students are excited to share their hard work and look forward to having experienced game industry people review, play, and provide feedback on what they have created. This feedback is invaluable to help them prepare their portfolios, for their graduation on February 21st.

This group of students will be presenting three games; one using the UDK engine, and two created using the Unity Game Engine. They are:

Project Titan Racing :
On a far off moon lies a deadly race without rules, morals or limits. This action-packed multiplayer racing game pushes the frontiers of excitement.

Chefasaurus :
A dinosaur fueled explosion of flavour and fun! Ride your T-Rex, crush cavemen and prepare a buffet of entertainment.

Shattergun :
Old school gunplay on a brand new device. Shattergun is a fast paced FPS for the iPhone. Shatter your enemies, shatter their plans.

 We’re also featuring a sneak peek at one of our upcoming titles, and will be unveiling more about this new site of ours — Arcade!

The pitches will be followed by a social mixer with refreshments, where you can meet the students face to face, and play the games they created. It’s a great opportunity to share your wisdom and experience or possibly arrange a first interview.

Good luck to all the students presenting tonight!

Dave Warfield is Head of Department for Game Design