GD38 Welcome Party

It’s that time again. Here at VFS Game Design we’ve welcomed a new class into the fold, the GD38s! With the coming of this gaggle of bright eyed designers we break out games, delicious snacks, and our socializing hats for their welcome party!

Held on the second Friday of a new term, the welcome party is a chance for the new students to meet and greet their more seasoned peers in a fun/relaxed environment. With the senior students busy working on their respective projects, it can be easy to miss getting a chance to say hello.

With organized Smash Brothers and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournaments running, the students are served a variety of salty snacks, veggies, (the best) cookies, and delicious pizza made by the wonderful staff of the VFS café.

Board games make an appearance amongst the socializing. Students can stretch their competitive muscles in the analogue gaming realm. Munchkin (picture above), Carcassonne, and Magic the Gathering all see some play.

The welcome party remains one of the early high points of each term. When I was a student here I always enjoyed kicking back with my peers and making some new friends. From what I’ve heard, the GD38s had a similar experience.

So let’s roll some dice for the new class and continuing traditions – Welcome GD38!!