Global Game Jam : The VFS Perspective

Screengrab from A Guardian

The 2013 Global Game Jam had over 16,000 participants this year from all over the world. Of those 16,000 participants, 10 had the opportunity to work out of a classroom on the VFS Game Design campus.

This was the first year VFS sponsored a jam site for the event. Given that it is a globally recognized game creating event, it makes sense that VFS got involved. The game site was open to current VFS students, and VFS Art Instructor and Mentor Roger Mitchell was also on hand to help out. We didn’t have to pay a registration fee and we were able to use the school’s resources for free. Out of our  group of Jammers, most of us were students enrolled in the Game Design program, but there was one exception — a student named Sara Franco from the VFS Animation program. It was great to work with someone who was a VFS student but in a different program than myself, and having an animator really pushed the art in our game further.

VFS Globa Game Jam Contingent

The 48 hour event was exciting and fun! There was a strong sense of community during the jam, with everyone joking, laughing and having a good time. From a student’s perspective, it was a great learning experience to create a game from start to finish in a short amount of time. It was also great to be part of a global event, creating games. I hope this will mark the beginning of a long standing tradition of VFS’ involvement in the Global Game Jam — the experience was so positive, I’m sure it will be.

In total 3 games were made: A GuardianFollow The Beat and Dolphin 2013My Heart Will Go On. All the games can be played at this website.