Hasty update : The Horroring

Women In Games Scholarship winner Kristina Wiik

Updates are in order. Trust me, I have not been lazy in updating my blog; I have just been extremely busy. That sounds like an excuse, but at VFS it’s actually true. Ask anyone. I’m not being funny. I am a shell of my former self.

Anywhooooo, crippling exhaustion aside, the game is coming along beautifully. I’m absolutely thrilled with our progress. Being a team of four, we’ve all had to take time out of our day to learn new tools, methods and plugins to get this game to the level we wanted it to be at — And I couldn’t be happier with where we’re at right now. Yeah, we’ve got minor issues, but they are all fixable within the time we have left.

Without getting too sappy I just want to thank my team for their amazing efforts. I’ve loved being a part of this project and this team. Team Horroring go! Here’s a picture of us (from left to right: Me, Olivia Veras, Pavel Tomasik and Alejandro Borjas) looking awkward and stiff.

Team Horroring: Me, Olivia, Pavel and Alejandro

So, what’s happened on the project since my last blog? Everything, really. The village looks like a village now. I’ve been set dressing and playing with new ground textures to give the areas some flavour. I’ve also been working a lot in uScript to set up all the tutorials and the hints for the player, as well as cut cameras. In addition, I’ve been working with the strumpy shader editor. Finally managed to create a shader with a working alpha channel so the ghost looks pretty damn good right now.

Olivia’s been doing lots of different stuff. She created some custom fire particles, the trail for the ghost and various smaller art assets. In addition, she’s been working on cutscenes and camera work in PlayMaker, as well as staying on top of the paper work. A champion she is!

Pavel’s been doing everything. Just everything. The exorcist is working as we want him to, the children are running around, we’ve got a new camera script that doesn’t clip into the terrain. We’ve got improved AI navigation. Considering the short amount of time he’s had, I’m really really impressed with what he’s done.

Finally, Alejandro’s been doing UI stuff. A new power bar is on its way. We decided that the one you see below was detracting from the beauty of the village. In addition Alejandro’s done a skybox, menus, emoticons, new textures and, yeah… Just everything. He’s our Jesus  — really.

Here’s a picture of the Ghost Lady decorating for her tea party in the afterlife. Just a lil’ skull with a party hat there. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Ghost Party

The project is crazy busy now, but I hope to come back with an update later. Two weeks away from Pitch and Play now. Spooky stuff.  I’ll leave you with an image of our banner being defiled. Open pun contest on The Horroring. The Horroring -> The Oarering -> The Boarering -> The Snorering. Yep. Just an example of some of the creativity happening on the Game Design Campus.

Have a good one guys!