How Much Would You Sacrifice For the One You Love? — Allie Hamilton

“Plagued by tragedy, young Allie must uncover the truth to protect those she loves in this grand story of mystery, romance, and survival. Become part of the action and help Allie find clues, solve puzzles, and get the answers she needs.”

Allie Hamilton is an interactive movie game for iOS created by Vincent Chi, a 3D Animation & Visual Effects grad and current Game Design Lighting instructor. The app includes over half an hour of animated video, 36 mini-games and puzzles, and 14 original music tracks.

Vincent created Allie Hamilton as he felt that mobile devices would be a great way to experience animated films. The game is designed so players can bring the animated adventure with them and become part of the action through games and puzzle solving.

To help him achieve his vision, Vincent enlisted a few fellow VFS grads to join the team, including Game Design grads Ryan Cramer (Principle Programmer), Jay Zhou (Production Artist), Grey Jenkins (Web Designer and Marketing), Gavin Dickson (Voice Actor), Sound Design for Visual Media grad Jennifer Wu (Composer and Sound Designer), and Acting for Film and Television grad Doreen Gordon (Voice Actor).

“It is absolutely beyond my wildest dreams that I could direct and produce an interactive movie game like Allie Hamilton,” says Vincent. “Though the decision was hard to make back then, I am so glad I enrolled at VFS 15 years ago. My career and my life would be very, very different without Vancouver Film School. After working in the CG TV and film industry for three years and the video game industry for nine years, VFS still plays a big part in everything I do.”

Congratulations to all involved!

Allie Hamilton is currently available to download for free on the App store.