Imagine Cup 2014 – Global student technology competition is started now!

Imagine Cup is the world premier student technology competition held by Microsoft every year, since 2003.

This year’s Worldwide Final  is going be at Microsoft headquarters, Seattle, WashingtonLet’s bring your imagination, passion and creativity, and step up to challenge!

This year, there are 3 main competition categories.

  • Game - Great games come from anywhere‚ and people play them everywhere. Build one and you could win big!
  • Innovation - Develop software or integrated solution that change the way we live.
  • World Citizenship - Develop software or integrated solution that help solve the world’s toughest problem.

The competition starts at each country’s national final round (around Oct 10, 2013 – March 22, 2014). So, please check you country’s competition rules and deadline by

1. Go to Imagine Cup website
2. Sign up
3. Create your team and select your country
4. Select competitions that you want to join

The representatives of each country get a free trip to Seattle and have a chance to win a 50,000$ grand prize!


The following are photos from last year’s worldwide final at Imagine Cup 2013 – Russia.

I would like to show you an overview of what happened at the awesome worldwide final competition last year.

More or less, it can help motivate your passion and energy!
In the worldwide final, you are going to meet other students from 70+ countries from around the world.

Present your project to judges.

Showcase your project and see lots of other awesome student projects!
This is where you can meet, greet, learn and share!

Have fun on Cultural Day!

and make lots of friends.

The Award ceremony, which every competitor is waiting for.

It is the most exciting time! The winner was hailing, waving their flags. They went to the stage, got their honour trophies and prize.

The next winner could be you! Let’s register now!!


Find out more:

Canada National Final Official Website

Imagine Cup Official Website

Nicha Jaijadesuk is a student in Game Design at VFS

[Photos from Imagine Cup Photo Stream]