Lonely ghost is lonely

Kristina Soltvedt Women in Games Scholarship Winner

As if to emphasize how lonely our ghost protagonist is, the villagers are falling in love all over the village. Sadly, this only serves to strengthen our protagonist’s loneliness. Poor ghost lady. Sad smileys all over the place. Here are a couple of diary entries from the lady in question.

Day 1

I’m so lonely. Ever since I embarked on my quest to kill my three friends, I’ve become more discouraged and more lonely. All I see is happy villagers in love. I can’t get to my friends cause…my designers are too preoccupied making the village look nice. Who gives a shh- what the village looks like — I’M LONELY!

Lonely Ghost image

Day 2

I’m still a static object in a changing world. No one cares about me. I just want to have a party with my friends, but they’re not even in the village yet.

I discovered a bug that lets me terrify all the villagers with one tap of a button. This brings me some joy.

Day 3

FIRE IS WORKING NOW. I CAN BURN PEOPLE. This is a small comfort for my loneliness. ‘

Till next time: Stay warm.

Shame we can’t all lead this life. Have a good one guys!