Meet Women in Games Scholarship winners Jaymee Mak and Nicha Jaijadesuk

A couple of weeks ago, our latest winners of the Women in Games Scholarship winners started the Game Design program at VFS.  We asked Jaymee Mak and Nicha Jaijadesuk to sit down with each other and introduce themselves to our GD community, here’s the result…

Jaymee: Hello, Nicha.

Nicha: Hi, Jaymee! How are you?

J: Goooood.

N: Is this the first time you have studied overseas?

J: Yeah, but when I was in Australia I traveled interstate for university.

N: Oh That’s great, for me this is the first time. I have never been in an international environment like this before.

J: So, haven’t you travel oversea before?

N: Nope, I used to travel overseas but it’s just for travel.

J: So, what do you think about it?

N: It is very exciting. There are new environments, new friends, new culture, new food. I love it! Just some problem for a non-native English speaker like me, the first week of studies was a tough time for me, I think my English still needs to be improved. Sometimes I cannot catch my friends’ words, and I have to ask them to repeat it again.
(Sorry guys.) Anyway, this week, I feel I am getting better and better now!

J: Is it true that sometimes you meow instead of saying words?

N: yeah

J: I also like doing that.

N: Haha

J: What’s the game that you submitted for the scholarship application?

N: It is a game about ‘Dream Building’. If you realize that you are in your dream, then you can do anything you want. So, if I hate someone, I will put that guy into my dream and then screw him with a nightmare that I make for him. Somehow cruel, Hahaha.

J: Excellent. The game that I submitted for my application is called The Only Girl in the World. It’s a classic adventure game set in a parallel universe where women have become extinct. You play as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master who finds herself trapped there and has to figure out what happened, and how to prevent it from happening in your own world. Basically you kick ass.

N: Wow! That is amazing!

J: By the way, how are you finding classes? What do you enjoy and not enjoy?

N: I think I enjoy all of the class here. Making games is my dream since I was a little girl. When I was studying at Mahidol University, in Thailand, I used to develop games with my friends, then I found out that I really enjoyed it. This is what I love.

J: What is your favorite game?

N: Oh geez, this is a hard question. I have so many favorite games. Okay, Let it be the first one that most influenced me. It is Final Fantasy VII. It changed my life. It made me a game addicted kid. lol

J: How old were you when you played it?

N: I think it is around grade 4. Just a 10 year old kid.

J: How old are you now?

N: I turn 25 this year…
Oh my god, 15 years ago, what a long time!!

J: You’re so old.

N: Ahh, yes. Heyy!! Don’t say that pleaseee! lol

J: lol

N: Okay, what is your favorite game?

J: I love adventure and platform games, so mostly anything by Tim Schafer – the Monkey Island series, Psychonauts, etc.

So what made you decide to come to VFS?

N: 1 year ago, one of my friends came to study 3D Modeling at VFS, and she recommended me to study here, as this school is very famous in this kind of field. I went to the website and I saw that there is a scholarship in Game Design too. Then, I applied to the scholarship without hesitation. It was a passionate moment.

and how about you Jaymee? Why did you choose to come here?

J: Well the game I submitted for my scholarship application, I made in a class back at my old school, Bond University, in a game design class called Interactive Experience. And my teacher said that if I make the game, I could change the industry. No pressure, right? And that was when I realized that it’s something I could actually do, and that I liked it. So I wanted to make my game, but I didn’t have the skills, so I looked up applicable scholarships and this was the only one.

What you would like to say to the people, considering your scholarship?

N: Thank you VFS and every staff offering this great program and scholarship. Thank you for this great opportunity. This is an important year for me. I will do my best.

J: Thanks for giving four women the opportunity this year. Nicha’s a pretty cool cat – I wouldn’t have gotten to meet her otherwise. And I definitely wouldn’t be in Canada, getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Expect great things from us.

Jaymee and Nicha are Game Design students in their first term at VFS