One does not simply choose the VFS life

I don’t really understand how I survived my first term in VFS, but I did it, and I’m alive – YAY!

…Well, I suppose I should introduce myself first.

My name is Andreia, 22 and I came from Portugal aaaaall the way to this side of Canada to study Programming for Games Web and Mobile at Vancouver Film School. While finishing my bachelor’s in Graphic Design I got really frustrated by not being able to actually make stuff happen and thus decided to learn Sorcery (aka Coding).

It has been a great adventure up until now, super far away from home, but it’s been worth it.

I’ve been around since October but haven’t really got the time to write something. So here it goes my review of the first term.


When I look back at the last 2 months this is how I would describe it:

(Programming students – and everyone around hearing them crying and eat ice cream – will get this)

It has been a tight balance between making it and sinking in the ocean of failure – and this was only the first term…

We end up spending all our free-time in the building while we take a break from work – who needs free-time when your school is full of games? The only thing is.. that dragon-size pile of assignments due all the time. BUT it’s ok, because our assignments are learning to make games!

After a few weeks into the program you just give up going home early and enjoy the pleasures of living at VFS – there’s always someone there. Yup, weekends included. I’ve seen some weekends that were more crowded than school days *cough*last weekend of the term*cough*.

Another look into the daily life of a VFS student in the last week of the term (I’m exaggerating/ predicting the next terms ) :

(I hope I’m not being scary since my point is THIS IS AWESOME.)

Well, this might not exactly be that true… After we begin spending so much time in school we can’t avoid but start working regularly and actual progressing on a daily basis. I am now an improved version of my former self – I HAVE A SCHEDULE and I AM PRODUCTIVE! I never thought I could achieve this but yup, it just happened. My new abilities for planning and executing will help me conquer the world someday, I’m sure.

But hey, why am I not talking about Programming?

- Because I don’t want to scare you away just yet! (Just Kidding)

I will in future when I get reeeally PRO! For now let me just tell you that for an artist it’s a huge impact on working methods and logic, but it also allows us to look at this tool from a new perspective. It’s a whole lotta time looking at characters in a screen that do some sort of sorcery which make things work – and also a whole lotta time seeing things not working for no apparent reason.  (Spoiler: the reason ends up being that you fail)

IT DOES take a lot of self-discipline and hard work and tears but in the end it’s all worth it when it works and you realize how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time.

Andreia Filipa Machado Goncalves is a student in Programming for Games, Web & Mobile, and a winner of our Women in Games Scholarship.