Our Welcome Party : Game Design Class 33

The welcome party for our VFS Game Design class (GD33) at VFS was the place to be on Friday afternoon. What more could you ask for? There was a ton of food, board games, video games, and of course, great company.

It was great to see how the party’s casual and friendly environment gave the GD33’s a great opportunity to network with previous Game Design classes. Video game tournaments took place at five stations with various consoles throughout the room. The Street Fighter 4 tournaments were being projected onto the big screen.

Game Design "Peer Presentations" for the 33rd class

When my name was called to play Street Fighter 4 against Melissa Borda (GD32), I knew that I was in major trouble. I had never played with an arcade joystick before. Melissa was nice enough to teach me how to use the basic controls – button mashing! Needless to say, she annihilated me within five minutes! It was great to see a champion from our class though, as Janel Jolly went all the way to win the GoldenEye 007 tournament on the Nintendo 64.

GD33 Welcome Party

All of that networking and gaming made everyone ravenous. Like with any great party, there were several tables stacked with different types of chips, cookies, soft drinks and water. An hour or so later, we were delighted to see large carts of fresh, hot pizzas being delivered to us. Considering how hungry we were after two action-filled weeks of school, I was surprised that our class didn’t devour all of the pizzas like a pack of wolves!

Game Design Welcome Party for the 33rd class

As the party came to a close, it was obvious that the GD33 class was officially part of the VFS Game Design community, a home for those who love video games.