Success Principle #1 For Getting Paid To Make Games

There is nothing wrong with floating through life. You know, drifting wherever the wind takes you.

It can be fun and relaxing and free of tough decisions or responsibilities.

BUT… if this is how you are approaching your Video Game career, you will likely land in a puddle or get haplessly stuck against a tree, or perhaps snapped into the jaws of a hungry dog who mistook you for a squirrel. “Squirrel!”

The video below is the first in the current series. Which series? Well, the series where I speak about the Fundamental Success Principles for getting paid to make games.

Don’t watch them if you want to drift or float or cruise or be carried around in a dog’s salivating mouth.

But, if you are reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you have a fire in your belly to set the world on fire and a hunger for making games for a living – whether as an employee or an Indie developer.

So watch this first video – it’s on the topic of “Certainty” – and apply this veritable-powerhouse-of-a-principle to your own quest for attaining your dream job, working on your dream game or building a gaming empire of great fame and fortune. Or perhaps just take a moment to double check that if there is a dog carrying you between his jaws, he actually knows where he should be taking you.

Rick Davidson teaches Team management at VFS Game Design