The Graduation Ceremony of Class GD31

Class GD31 saw the end of 2013 with a bang by celebrating their Graduation from the Game Design program.  The night was a mixture of looking back at an amazing year of work accomplished, friendships forged and exciting opportunities to look forward to.

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Con-GRAD-ulations to the 27th Game Design Graduating Class

VFS Game Design Graduation and Awards Show Class 27

At the end of every year in the Game Design program there is a chance to celebrate. The students work so hard throughout the year, and accomplish so much, we need to take some time and celebrate what they have accomplished. It’s not just about the Diploma, it’s also about the amazing things they have done throughout their entire year.

The Graduation and Awards show on April 18th had 2 parts: one part formal, and one part fun. The formal part of the evening began with speeches from myself, from the student-elected class speaker Brant Stutheit, and the student selected Instructor speaker Brenda Gershkovitch. There was laughter, there were tears, but mostly there were great reflections on the friendships that have formed, the experiences that the class have all been through together, and some useful advice for being successful, as they move onto the next phase of their lives. The formalities were wrapped up with the handing out of diplomas and handshakes that make up that portion of the evening.

Next, during a short break, parents, friends and family members were invited up to the 2nd floor production space, where they could see the area that the students’ final projects were created, play the games they made and have some snacks and refreshments.

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