A Conversation with… Brad Keys

This week A Conversation with… reaches out to our lucky 13th graduating class, and had a chat with Brad Keys, founder of Rebel Hippo Inc.

  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I’m the founder of a small game studio called Rebel Hippo Inc. located in Waterloo, Ontario. We are known for creating Lumos, a game services platform. We also create mobile games and help other studios across the country. Most of my time is spent developing with the Unity game engine.

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Game Design Grads On Making Pulse-Pounding Frocket!

Frocket! Banner

From Left to Right, it's Tyler Hebenton, Dave Crisp & Brad Keys

Frocket is a an arcade-style game for all ages (named after its star character), where the player controls a dopey swamp creature strapped to a malfunctioning jet-pack. His mission is to find and eat every delicious cupcake he can. It’s now available for iPhone and iPad as a download through iTunes, and there is the possibility of it being released on other platforms at a later date. Frocket is produced by Ganz Studios, which is located in Toronto, and was developed with the help of three VFS Game Design grads: Brad KeysDave Crisp and Tyler Hebenton.

We caught up with them to talk about the game, their involvement in it and their time as students in the Game Design program.

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