The Welcome Party

One of the many great traditions of the Game Design program is the Welcome Party. Every time a new class starts at VFS, the senior class is responsible for hosting a party to welcome them to Game Design, and give them an opportunity to have some fun while getting to know all the students that are currently in the program. On July 5th, the 33rd Game Design class welcomed the 34th class with a little bit of presentation work followed by a lot of game playing… I mean what better way is there to get to know fellow Game Designers than to play games and compete with them.

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Halbjorn’s Wrath Post Mortem

Halbjorn's Wrath Logo and Post Mortem

“Success is not final, failure isn’t fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.”
—Sir Winston Churchill

Halbjorn’s Wrath was an extremely challenging game, trying to get solid ranged and melee combat into a game in 13 weeks with an inexperienced four-person team is an imposing task. None of us had ever done a combat game before, or for that matter gone though a full-blown production cycle. We had communication breakdowns, we left bugs unfixed a little long, and we had some design issues when it came to the enemies.

Yet despite our shortcomings, we had the courage to continue. We managed to create a unique combat experience by closely tracking our progress, play testing at any chance we got and, of course, it also took a lot of hard work. This hard work and dedication earned us GD27′s Best Final Project Award at graduation, and we have a heck of a portfolio piece.

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