Brian Wood Memorial Internship goes to… Cameron White


Congratulations to VFS Game Design alumni Cameron White (pictured here with Game Director, Phil Boulle of Relic Entertainment/Sega)! Cameronwas selected for the Brian Wood Memorial Internship with Relic Games!

The Brian Wood Memorial Internship was founded by VFS Game Design and Relic Games in memory of the late Brian Wood, who was Relic’s Company of Heroes Online lead designer. Three Game Design students a year are offered the scholarship for a period of four months. The inaugural internship was awarded in February 2011, to Zach Williams. Other winners have included: Andres MolinaMaxwell Hannaman, Isaac Calon, Alex Mueller, Carolina Mastretta, Andy Fedorchuk, James Dodge,  Guerric Haché, and Dustin Williamson.

Cameron White, our first winner for 2015, graduated from the Game Design program on December 18, 2014. His graduating game project, Stick Shift, which he developed in collaboration with fellow students Erich Kohlweg, Nick Jennings, Dylan Matthews and Matthew Kirby, can be found here on the Arcade Games page.