Small Studio, Big Decisions: Betting Big on a Free Demo

Let Us Start With Poker

I won a poker tournament one time. There were 30 or so people in it, some of which were better and had played much more poker than me, but after some momentum and a dose of confidence, I cleaned out the second place player with back-to-back all-in hands. It was sweet!

There I was, just three hands into my next poker tournament. I had a great hand, but when I put in a big bet, one of my opponents put in a bigger one. Much too late, it occurred to me that I might not have the best hand at the table. I had a dilemma. I was not all-in yet, but if I lost all the money in the pot, I would be so far behind that I could never catch up.

What should I do? I felt helpless and trapped. I knew what I had to do and I resented it.

My odds of recovering that pile of chips on the table if I folded were less than the odds that my opponent was bluffing and I was going to clean him out. It was a long shot, but I called his all-in, lost the hand and was the first player eliminated from second tournament.

I’ll always remember how I felt when I was faced with the terrible situation of having to go through with a bet because I’d invested so much in it already.. Then when I felt it again, staring at the contract for a game my studio had won by building an excellent demo, I knew the mistake I had made.

In this article I am going to explain to you how over investing in a game demo for a publisher limits your options just like making a bad bet in poker.

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