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Welcome back to another edition of Question Block! Thanks to everyone who emailed in their questions. Send your questions to rdonaldson[at] post your questions in the Comments section below. Each week, we’ll choose a few to tackle in an upcoming post.

Now, let’s get to this week’s questions.

Is it detrimental to view the game industry as young?

This is one of those questions that could easily spark a debate, but here goes…

I think it’s detrimental if it’s used as a crutch to settle for less than we could achieve. I think it’s detrimental if it’s used as an excuse to be reckless and avoid following processes. I think it’s detrimental if it’s used to explain away immature behavior or unprofessionalism.

The industry isn’t all that young, though. It certainly feels young, because it’s fairly recent that it’s become mainstream — partly thanks to the proliferation of games on mobile devices and social platforms, but also because parents are still playing games alongside their own kids. It feels young because we’re always learning how to deal with new consoles, platforms, technology, business models, and players. And it feels young because many of us are young at heart, no matter what age our bodies might betray.

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