Game Design Campus Sneak Peek!

Helloooo! This is a great time.

Regularly, we do not allow any strangers to come into our campus.

However, today I am going to take you on a tour!

Come on! Let’s go in!

First of all, to get into the building, we have to pass this double security door. It needs a VFS key card and password.

In order to access each area in the school, it requires keycards at almost every door!

(Sometimes, when I go off the campus to buy some food, I forget my keycard.
Then, I cannot get back into the building. LOL That was a great lesson for me.)

Anyway, Let’s start at the 3rd floor!

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Diving into Game Design @ VFS

Every year, VFS opens its doors to over one thousand excited and sharp-minded students ready to pursue their passions.  Instead of delving in a traditional 2 to 4 year program, these students have chosen to dive deep into a one-year intensive learning experience here at VFS.  For the Game Design program, this means one year of absorbing as much as they can by immersing themselves into all things game design.

This can be hard enough for local students, but if you are an international student, there can be added challenges.  For example:

  • English may be a second language
  • you have left your home, friends and family to relocate to a new country where you don’t now anyone
  • this is the first time you will be living away from home

The point is, no matter if you are a young adult or mature student, this year can be an overwhelming and we at VFS understand that.

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A 5 minute walk around the game design campus

Hi, my name is Nicha. I am from Thailand. I have been studying at VFS for a couple months now.

The Game Design Campus is located in the heart of Chinatown, just East of downtown Vancouver. I really like where our game design campus is, because it is so convenient! Today, I will show you a few convenient places near our 88 East Pender campus. It takes no more than 5 minutes on foot.

Let’s Go!

Only 1/2 block away to the east

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