Halbjorn’s Wrath Post Mortem

Halbjorn's Wrath Logo and Post Mortem

“Success is not final, failure isn’t fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.”
—Sir Winston Churchill

Halbjorn’s Wrath was an extremely challenging game, trying to get solid ranged and melee combat into a game in 13 weeks with an inexperienced four-person team is an imposing task. None of us had ever done a combat game before, or for that matter gone though a full-blown production cycle. We had communication breakdowns, we left bugs unfixed a little long, and we had some design issues when it came to the enemies.

Yet despite our shortcomings, we had the courage to continue. We managed to create a unique combat experience by closely tracking our progress, play testing at any chance we got and, of course, it also took a lot of hard work. This hard work and dedication earned us GD27′s Best Final Project Award at graduation, and we have a heck of a portfolio piece.

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