GD Alumni’s latest game… Dexter!

I would like to take a few minutes of your time today to introduce a game project that I worked on and which is currently available in soft launch in Canada.

Dexter: Hidden Darkness ( is a new Hidden Object game based on the universe of the Dexter TV series. It is a great partnership venture between CBS, Showtime, Michael C. Hall and BlooBuzz (

A team of 40 people worked an entire year on the project. I joined as a Game Designer at the beginning of 2015 and I really enjoyed my experience in the Social/Mobile game industry. After the Canadian soft launch on iOS, we plan to release the game worldwide and then distribute it on Android and Facebook. It is a F2P, so feel free to give it a try!

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Graduation and Awards Show for the 30th class of Game Design

It’s almost Halloween, and once again the Game Design program has a reason to celebrate. It’s graduation night, a night to celebrate, to look back on the year, and recognize the amazing things they have done.

The Graduation and Awards show on October 17th has a mix of parts: one part formal, and one part fun. The formal part of the evening hosted by Tanya Jensenbegan with a speech from myself, then the student-elected class speaker Anthony Bruno broke down some vital statistics of his past year in Game Design, and finally student selected Instructor speaker Andrew Laing closed the speeches with some heart-warming words and stories about fog.

Each of the speakers had some deep insight into what they had just been through, and how to prepare for the coming months, but mostly it was a chance to look back on the year, and look ahead to the bright future this class has. The formalities continued with the handing out of diplomas and the embarrassingly long handshakes that make up that portion of the evening. Congratulations to Anthony, Andy, Elad, Eric, Joel and Adrien, all who graduated with honours.
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Pitch & Play for the 30th Game Design Class

Every Game Design class has a special day that they look forward to, it’s called Pitch & Play. It’s the night that the whole year builds up to, it is the culmination of 8 weeks of planning and design, and 12 weeks of development.

Pitch & Play is the event where student teams show off their games, first with a formal 5-10 minute presentation, followed by a social mingler where invited industry guests have a chance to sit down and play their games, ask questions, provide feedback and get to know the students better before they graduate.

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